Photo Passport

  • Résidence permanente

  • Citoyenneté canadienne

  • Assurance maladie.


Nous offrons aussi le service de photos passeport et visa pour tous les pays du monde

Baby Passport Photos


Baby Photo passport , children that are as young as a few weeks old.

Your passport photo must conform to strict quality standards. and rules:


  • Size: Depending on the Government requirements, sizes of photos can vary.

  • Light Quality: Your photo must be evenly lit, with no shadows, glare, or flash points.

  • Facial position: Your face must be within the size and centred in the photo.

  • Body position: Your shoulders must be square to the camera, and the photo taken straight on.

  • Facial expression: Your expression must comply with the requirements of the Government requirements.

  • Photo quality: The picture must be clear, sharp, and in focus, taken by a professional photographer, printed on photo paper

  • Background: Governments worldwide have different requirements regarding what colour the background must be.


    Ready in 10 minutes!













  • Video to DVD transfers

  • CD Duplication, VCD Duplication, Audio Duplication

  • Video Tape Duplication

  • International Video Transfers

  • Audio Tape Duplication

  • Video Camera Transfer to VHS or DVD.(We are able to transfer most video camera formats?Hi8, digital 8, MiniDv, Pal 8mm, and VHS-C)

  • 8mm, Super8mm and 16mm Movie film can also be transferred to VHS or DVD



Transférer vos vieux souvenirs en VHS sur DVD.

• Convertir cassettes VHS en DVD

• Préserver vieilles photos en les mettant sur ​​CD ou DVD

• Conversion de fichiers vidéo sur DVD

• numériser des images et de vous fournir un DVD

• négatifs de numérisation

• Faites des copies de vidéos

• Les services de restauration de photos sont disponibles










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